GTA halts premiering of ‘Freedom and Justice’ movie by Kobi Rana and Kafui Danky [ARTICLE]

The political movie directed by Kobi Rana was scheduled to premier within this Christmas period at several auditoriums across the country. However, Kobi Rana and Kafui Danku who featured in the movie as well, have taken to social media to announce that the movie has been banned from showing.

After a groundbreaking trailer and 2,154 tickets sold in advance, we regret to announce the ban on the most demanded movie: FREEDOM AND JUSTICE,” the statement stated adding that armed policemen stormed the booked venues for the premiering and locked the places up.

Our venues were served with letters from the Ghana Tourism Authority to stop showing the movie. These venues were later visited, warned and locked with armed policemen” the statement shared by Kafui Danku noted with another excerpt saying that “it is unfortunate no letter was sent to us but our venues rather“.

It is, therefore, yet to be known the rationale behind shutting the venues. It is also unclear if this is to implement Government’s order for cinemas to remain closed as part of the COVID-19 safety protocols because none of the venues scheduled for the premiering is a cinema.

Freedom and Justice Movie ticket

Freedom and Justice Movie ticket

Meanwhile, flyers advertising the movie that features stars like David Dontoh, Kofi Adjorlolo, Irene Opare, Clemento Suarez, Akumaa Mama Zimbi, among others, stated that COVID-19 safety protocols would be adhered to at the premiering venues.

Freedom and Justice Movie

Freedom and Justice Movie

The movie is about how a government press conference has been attacked by a group of young citizens who held the ministers and media hostage, to demand for accountability live on national television.

The President in the movie (David Dontoh) must protect the hostages and the state from their leader (Kobi Rana) who has a hidden plan. Read more about the banned movie in Kafui Danku’s post below plus its viral trailer.

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