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Ghetts joins Rebecca Judd on Apple Music 1 this morning to discuss his new album ‘Conflict of Interest’, which features collaborations with artists including Skepta, Ed Sheeran, Stormzy and Pa Salieu. Currently in the running for the No. 1 spot on the UK Albums Chart, Ghetts discusses the response to the album and the ‘pure’ energy that underpinned its production.

Rebecca is also joined by this week’s Ascending Artist Jvck James, who discusses his latest single ‘No Drama’ and his career to date.

Please see key quotes below from the show below. Feel free to use with credit to The Rebecca Judd Show on Apple Music 1. Tune in from 9am GMT today to listen to the show in full, or listen back on demand once the show has aired here.

Ghetts Tells Apple Music About Collaborations On The Album…

I’ll be honest with you this album has got so many different people involved in it and it’s created opportunities for so many different people, it’s bigger than me, even me just doing the call in to the culture to say hey, let’s get it to number 1 is not normally something I do at all or feel comfortable with, but it’s just like thinking yo fam, this is bigger than you, you know? These are opportunities for a producer that nobody has heard of before, and you have just got to lose ego for a second, this is a big win for everybody, for all of us involved, the culture as well you know.

Ghetts Tells Apple Music About the ‘Pure’ Energy That Went Into The Album…

I feel blessed, and we made the album from a positive mindset as well. Everybody involved, we really kept the energy pure, and I feel like people can see that from the artists there and feel like, these people deserve it man. Because it was just pure, there was so much negativity going on within the world, and we just came together and were like you know what? Let’s just be positive about what we’re doing.

Ghetts On Self-Doubt…
When it’s an album, it’s like boy, that’s another chapter in the autobiography you know what I’m saying? In an extensive catalogue as well, you know people are going to compare it to your previous work, so it’s like ‘yo, do I still have it in me?’

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