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On the latest episode of Rainbow Woman, Geri Horner (née Halliwell) reflects on how Beauty, her beloved rescue horse, helped her find courage to tour again with the Spice Girls. Episode 3 – titled ‘Beauty, Courage, Freedom…’ – premieres at 2.00PM GMT today.

“I gave my life 100% to music,” the Brit Award-winning pop star reflected. Geri had clocked up a string of chart-topping hits with the Spice Girls in the roaring 90s before going on to achieve four consecutive UK No. 1 hits of her own. “And then when I got to my thirties, I found it so difficult because the teenage bravado had run out and I wasn’t sure where I belong.”

“When I found Beauty, I got my courage back,” Geri said. “[When I’m out there] I’m no other identity other than just a woman on a horse feeling brave – that’s it. And sometimes it just feels amazing to feel that.”

She continued: “Stepping out on stage with the Spice Girls again, I felt, ‘You know what? It’s alright’. The feeling of wanting to connect, the feeling of freedom and joy was greater than the fear. And I think Beauty taught me that.”

To accompany Episode 3, the lyric video for a brand new song by Geri, titled ‘Travelling Light’, will premiere on her YouTube channel on Tuesday 24 November.

She said of the heartfelt track: “It’s one of my favourite songs that I’ve written. It’s about changing, pushing through the darkness into the light. Ironically, I wasn’t travelling light when I wrote it. I was seven-months pregnant, carrying an eight-pound baby walking up four flights of stairs to get to the studio.”

Written, directed and executive produced by Geri, Rainbow Woman is a collection of vibrant vignettes following her on big and little adventures, each hued with humour and their own message of hope and positivity.

A new episode will be unveiled every Sunday on Geri’s YouTube channel with bonus content for fans to follow. Subscribe to Geri’s channel here:

Rainbow Woman also features some new, original music by Geri, who has written several unforgettable hits that have soundtracked our lives with the Spice Girls and as a solo artist.

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