Fan Milk Plc to co-create limited edition with creative artists [ARTICLE]

FanIce Art of Freedom Challenge is a designed competition to challenge Ghanaian artists to explore their creativity and apply their talents to FanIce Limited-Edition package to be out-doored later this year.

Independence is synonymous with freedom, and art itself is freedom of expression. Freedom is a value craved for by all artists, be it in their work or their lives. In the spirit of this belief, FanIce is giving local designers the creative freedom to reimagine and create a playful, colourful and fun new label for the Limited-Edition Freedom tubs.

The Art of Freedom Challenge unlocked on the 1st of March is opened till the 22nd of March. After which nominations will be judged by a panel of art and design experts, including designer and founder of Design & Technology Institute Constance Swaniker, contemporary artist and graphic designer Hanson Akatti, leading Ghanaian renaissance painter Ato Delaquis and Frances-Nadhia Aryee, Brands Manager at FanMilk Plc.

FanIce Art of Freedom Challenge

FanIce Art of Freedom Challenge

The winning artist receives GHC 30,000 worth of cash, art materials, office tools and equipment and the chance to have their creative work grace the Limited-Edition package of FanIce.

Speaking on the competition, Frances-Nadhia Aryee expressed gratitude to the Ghanaian consumers who have enjoyed and welcomed the brand into their homes, making it the country’s leading brand since 1960.

“FanIce is arguably the biggest – and most loved – product brand in Ghana. We are embedded in the Ghanaian culture and cemented in childhood memories nationwide, with the “FanIce” name being synonymous with ‘ice cream’.

From memorable moments with family and friends, to iconic “Ghana moments” like our classic ‘So Nice’ advert, we believe that our ice cream complement celebrations. Our core values are as strong and emotional as they are only because they are driven by the Ghanaian community rather than by the company itself.

As a brand, we are dedicated to making great ice cream, but we are also dedicated to helping Ghanaians celebrate every single moment by creating content that reflects our core values of nostalgia, culture, and enjoyment.

Between now and March 22nd, we are giving all creative artists the creative platform to express their artistic freedom. This, we believe is an impactful way of amplifying the shared values between the brand and the creative community in Ghana.” Frances stated

Independence Day is a great day of celebration. It’s a day to show our national pride as well as reflect on the importance of freedom. As we celebrate the freedom of the nation, we also want to celebrate creative freedom by engaging creative communities in an impactful way. Our goal is to create memorable moments that highlight those core values of FanIce as a brand while supporting creative and talented Ghanaians who are expressing themselves through their art. It’s really the perfect way to celebrate independence!”

To participate, download your participants package from the FanMilk Plc website and send your designs to by Sunday 21st March 2021 by 11.59pm. Digital Submissions will be made only via email. Submissions are open from now till March 21, 2021.

The winning design will be announced on March 31 2021 after 10 days of deliberations by FanIce’s judges as well as the online community.

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