“Every human should believe in God” – Witness advises as Bible survives Odawna Market fire [ARTICLE]

Fire razed down the entire market consuming several shops believed to be over two thousand, with traders losing millions of Ghana Cedis.

As the affected traders continue to count their losses, some of them have been combing through the ashes only to come across the Bible untouched, although everything around it in a Kente shop got burnt into ashes.

One of the several speechless eyewitnesses told YEN.com.gh’s Philip Abutiate in an interview that the discovery underscores the need for every living being to believe in God and take his word seriously.

According to a gentleman whose name was not disclosed, the Bible lay right by a table on which tons of Kente cloth and money was packed.

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Interestingly, everything in the shop including all the kente cloths and the table but the Bible which was just beside them was safe.

“What happened at the Odawna Market was a massive disaster but the Bible was able to survive which proves the power in the word of God and the fact that it needs to be regarded with all seriousness,” the young man said when asked what he made of the discovery, while other eyewitnesses nodded in agreement.

In other news, the sentencing of a pastor to two years in prison for a crime he committed as far back in 2007 buttresses the saying that the “wheels of justice turn slowly, but grind exceedingly fine”.

Reports say Prophet Israel Oladele Ogundipe of Celestial Church of Christ Global Genesis Parish has been found guilty of defrauding a United Kingdom-based woman about 13 years ago.

The case has been pending in the court for over a decade and a verdict has finally been given.

Legit.ng reported that the presiding judge, Justice Olabisi Akinlade sentenced the man of God after finding him guilty of two of the seven charges brought against him.

According to PM Express, Prophet Ogundipe defrauded one Mrs. Olaide William Oni to the tune of eleven million naira (N11m).

Since 2007 when the case has been in court, the popular Lagos prophet is reported to have repeatedly pleaded not guilty to the charges against him.

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