Even when we smile at IPAC meetings, Jean Mensa gets angry – Otokunor | Latest News Updates & Newspaper Headlines

He explained that the EC has often treated the party badly at IPAC meetings, insisting Jean Mensa gets angry even when officials of the NDC even smile.

To this end, Mr. Otokunor said, the party does not trust the credibility of the EC boss, hence its decision to boycott the forum.

“First of all, we are questioning the credibility of current Electoral Commission led by Jean Mensa and the two deputies. We are questioning their credibility,” he told Joy FM.

“We believe that they do not hold that independence as is expected of an electoral management body.

“The second point is that current IPAC as it stands with its current disposition and the disposition of the leaders of IPAC which is the EC chairperson and the deputies is something that we must look at and find a proper position of IPAC, come up with clear procedures of handling meetings, when we smile at IPAC the EC chair will be angry and they can talk to you anyhow, you can’t smile at IPAC, you can’t make your point at IPAC when you descend on a position of the electoral commission. That must stop.”

The NDC and its candidate John Mahama lost the 2020 presidential election to Nana Akufo-Addo and the New Patriotic Party (NPP).

President Akufo-Addo was successfully re-elected after garnering over 6.7 million votes in the December 7 polls.

The NDC challenged the result of the election in court, accusing the EC of organising a fraudulent election.

The party filed an application for the election results to be annulled but their case was thrown out after a unanimous decision by the jury.

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