Election 2020: Why Muntaka Mubarak allowed his 6-year-old daughter to thumbprint his ballot [ARTICLE]

The legislator was in the company of his wife and children when he voted on Monday, December 7, 2020, at the Peace of God polling station at Aboabo in the Ashanti region.

The incumbent MP, however, left many shocked when he was captured on video allowing his daughter to vote on his behalf.

Muntaka Mubarak and his six-year-old daughter

Muntaka Mubarak and his six-year-old daughter

In the said video which was shared on Facebook by Citi TV, the lawmaker is seen using his daughter’s thumbprint to vote in both the Presidential and parliamentary ballots.

However, explaining the rationale behind his actions, Mr. Mubarak said he was just taking his daughter through the process.

“If you see her, she’s only six years old, she doesn’t even understand what’s going on. I raised her thumb and did the thumbprinting; it was virtually me doing it,” he said, as quoted by Citinewsroom.com.

“If I had given it to her, she would not have even known what to do. She’s my princess and I came with her during the last elections. I’m just taking her through the process.”

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