Election 2020: Top actors hit Ayawaso West Wuogon to campaign against John Dumelo [ARTICLE]

The message from the actors who have already declared support for the incumbent NPP government is to tell the constituents to ensure that NPP’s candidate, Lydia Seyram Alhassan, beats their colleague actor, John Dumelo, in the upcoming elections.

The Ayawaso West Wuogon Constituency has become one of the constituencies that have wide attention following John Dumelo pursuit to grab the seat for the NDC. The actor has drawn eye to the constituency following his style of campaigning which sees him trending oftentimes.

The seat is currently occupied by Lydia Alhassan who won the Awayaso West Wuogon by-election to succeed her late husband who died whilst serving as the MP for the constituency.

The two candidates have been giving each other a tough competition following how they both come out to do things for people in the constituency, that is from providing food and other relieve items during the partial lockdown.

John Dumelo and Lydia Alhassan

John Dumelo and Lydia Alhassan

Recently, the pair caused chaos during a debate where John Dumelo almost walked away over a Twi word “badwenba” Lydia used to describe him. According to him, the term was an insult and he wouldn’t tolerate it because the incumbent already showed late for the debate.

You came 2 hours late to a debate and used your 15mins allocation to say I don’t have sense? I’m impressed” he wrote on social media.

Following this latest development with the elections 5 days away, actors Bibi Bright, Prince David Osei, Kalybos, Bismark The Joke, General Ntatia in company with friends, stormed the constituency to campaign Nana Addo Addo and Lydia Alhassan.

Watch the video below for their message for the people of Awayaso West Wuogon Constituency.

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