Election 2020; Samini snubbed from touching Nana Addo at NPP rally goesl viral (VIDEO) [ARTICLE]

The dancehall act during an NPP rally in Accra whilst performing to a teeming NPP crowd attempted to raise Nana Addo’s hand but the President’s security officer quickly prevented from the touching the President.

The video turns out to be funny to most of its viewers following Samini’s reaction after he was prevented from holding the incumbent President who seeking re-election as Ghana heads to the polls tomorrow, Monday, December 7th.

Social media users have been reacting to the video in hilarious ways as some tweeps troll Samini with others explaining that it is due to the COVID-19 safety protocols as to why he stopped from touching the President.

Others also argue that how the ‘Kpoyaka’ singer attempted to raise the President’s hand is disrespectful. At the time of this publication, ‘Samini’ picked up the number spot in the Ghana Twitter trending list.

Samini is trending

Samini is trending

Samini has already been a hot topic during this electioneering period after he shockingly endorsed the 4 More 4 Nana agenda with a campaign song he composed to highlight the President’s achievements.

The move celebrated by NPP supporters has also attracted backlash after a 2016 video of Samini vehemently speaking against celebrities endorsing political parties and candidates for election.

In the 2016 Joy News interview, he said: “personally my take is that I don’t think it’s too healthy to do that as a people’s person because you represent the masses and you have various political parties affiliations listening to you music at the same time without any political intentions so you appeal to a broader audience at ago“.

He continued that ” so when you take sides in a serious issue like this concerning serious decision making for the country’s welfare and you take sides and just maybe you happen to offend a huge fan by that move, it goes a long way to affect your career going forward“.

See the posts below for social media reactions to the viral video.

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