Election 2020: Refrain from declaring election results – GJA cautions journalists [ARTICLE]

The GJA wishes to remind the media that the declaration of the election results is a constitutional mandate assigned to the Electoral Commission (EC) alone and that the mandate of the media is to provide a vent for the EC to discharge its mandate.

According to GJA, the media must endeavour to report the certified results declared by the EC without arrogating to themselves the mandate to make such declarations.

In a statement, the GJA advised the media that the desire to get the people informed should not lure them into exercising powers they do not hold in respect of the declaration of election results.

“As the nation awaits the result declaration by the EC, and as the two leading political parties make claims and counterclaims, the GJA urges the media to use their platforms to cool down tension and calm the nerves of Ghanaians.

“The GJA believes at this critical moment, the media must play a constructive role rather than inflame passion or act in an untoward manner that may lead to the disturbance of the peace.

After the declaration of the results, the media must focus on, and promote, the acceptance of the results by all and the need to foster national unity.

“These are the charges the media have to keep and they must not and dare not fail the nation,” it said.

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