Election 2020: Police were paid election duty allowance – IGP dismisses Mahama vote-buying claim [ARTICLE]

John Mahama said “the government is spending money as if there is no tomorrow. I just learned from a group of police officers that they have paid monies into their accounts, all of them, all the police officers. They have destroyed the morale of the Ghana Police Service.”

“Today they don’t have the confidence and courage they used to have before because he [Nana Addo] has infiltrated the police service with all kinds of thugs and hoodlums: Invisible Forces, Delta Forces who have no sense of discipline; Promotion in the service is based on your political colour instead of your merit and he thinks he can buy our police officers with GH¢1,000 or GH¢2,000 just because an election is coming? They will take that money and vote against him,” he said in the Northern Region as part of his campaign tour.

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However, the IGP described Mahama’s assertions as palpable falsehoods and unfounded, calculated to denigrate the Police administration.

He said the monies given to the officers were their election duty allowances.

In an interview with the GNA, Oppong Boanuh stated that the monies were GH¢100 a day for five days and that the extra Gh¢100, which made up the total of GH¢600, was intended to be used by the officers to sew their uniforms, which had been distributed to them, but were not sewn due to the consignment of uniforms arriving late, making it impossible for tailors of the Service to sew.

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