Election 2020: Our PVT estimates are consistent with the EC’s results – CODEO [ARTICLE]

Out of the 13,119,460 total valid votes cast, President Nana Akufo-Addo, who was the candidate of the incumbent New Patriotic Party (NPP), polled 6,730,587 votes representing 51.302 per cent.

His closest contender, the presidential candidate of the main opposition National Democratic Congress, former president John Dramani Mahama, polled 6,213,182 representing 47.359 per cent.

The two parties virtually split the 275 parliamentary seats.

In a statement signed by Sheikh Arimiyawo Shaibu, Acting Chair, for and on behalf of the Advisory Board, CODEO said it “can confidently verify the outcomes of the presidential election results as announced by the EC”, adding: “The findings presented in this statement are based on data received from all 1,502 PVT polling stations across the 275 constituencies in the country’s 16 regions”.

The data was thoroughly checked for accuracy and internal consistency”, the local election observer group noted, adding: “Given that the official result announced by the Electoral Commission for each candidate falls within their respective PVT estimated confidence ranges, CODEO can confidently confirm that its PVT estimates are consistent with the official presidential election results.

Not only do CODEO’s PVT estimates match the official results of the EC, but our observers also reported that the two main parties (NDC and NPP) had party agents at over 99% of polling stations and that both NDC and NPP party agents also signed the official declaration of polls and were given copies of those documents,” the statement said.

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