Edem speaks against ‘disdain’ ethnocentric treatment Ewes reportedly face in Ghana [ARTICLE]

The conversation which has seen ‘Ewes’ trending on Ghana Twitter, was sparked from reports relating to Auditor-General, Daniel Yao Domelevo, returning to work after his infamous 167 days leave.

Following his return, the Audit Service Board has written to Mr Daniel Yaw Domelevo challenging his Ghanaian nationality, with claims that he is not a Togolese and not a Ghanaian citizen.

Auditor-General, Mr Daniel Yaw Domelevo

Auditor-General, Mr Daniel Yaw Domelevo

Netizens sharing thoughts on the story believe the accusation against the Auditor General is part of the frequent ethnocentric treatments people from the Volta Region face.

If you want to sack the guy, do it. Contesting his nationality is a serious low blow. Unprovoked, you allow the whole you-are-discriminating-against-Ewes thing to fester. Ah, well.” Joy FM sports journalist Gary Al-Smith tweeted.

Other tweeps also started speaking about the claims, adding a political connotation to the letter questioning Domelevo’s Nationality. “Remember when Bawumia said some ewes on the voters register are Togolese? Yeah, it’s in their DNA,” a Twitter user @NotJustPascal tweeted.

The political twist triggered heated conversation about Ewes, forcing the ‘Nyedzilo’ rapper to share his experience and speak against tribal treatments against people form the Volta Region.

You would never ever truly feel how Ewes are treated till you are in the skin of one.. From insinuations ,to preconceived notions, to subliminal disdain and disregard ,at work places in social circles ,to marriage ,in closing deals, it’s crazy #Unapologetic #Ayigbeboy,” Edem tweeted.

See more tweets below as Ghana Twitter gets drown in the conversation about with others adding fun to it.

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