DIY Recipes: How to make the perfect Akple [ARTICLE]

This dish is delicious and easy to make.


1/2 cup of cassava dough

1 cup of corn dough


Salt to taste


Mix together the 2 doughs in a saucepan with a half cup of water to get a smooth creamy mixture, and add a little salt. Get a nice heavy wooden spoon or stick works well.

Put the mixture on the stove on medium heat and stir it as it heats, adding another half cup of water all at once and continue stirring until it forms a solid mass (about 10-15 minutes). Do not allow the dough to become lumpy or scorch on the bottom. Turn it as you stir.

When the mixture becomes fairly solid and no longer “wet” looking, take a calabash (or bowl), wet it thoroughly and put a spoonful of the dough into the calabash, shaking it vigorously and rolling the dough inside into a circle or oval shape.

Serve with hot pepper sauce and fish or even okro/okra soup or stew.

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