Derek Chauvin is on trial for George Floyd’s death: Live coverage


Prosecuting attorney Jerry Blackwell took a direct shot at defense attorney Eric Nelson during his rebuttal argument, claiming that Nelson misinterpreted the law when he discussed cause of death during the defense’s closing.

“When he was talking about causation, he talks about fentanyl, heart failure, hypertension. He says that we have to show beyond a reasonable doubt that none of these other factors played a role,” Blackwell said, reminding the jury what Nelson said during his closing.

During his closing arguments, Nelson argued it was “nonsense” to suggest that these other factors did not play a role in Floyd’s death. He called on the jury to acquit his client based on this fact. Blackwell said this argument was “not accurate.”

“What we need to prove is that the defendant’s actions were a substantial causal factor in his death. It does not have to be the only causal factor. It doesn’t have to be the biggest substantial factor. It just has to be one of them,” Blackwell said.

He went onto to tell the jury that he expected the judge would instruct them that his interpretation was an accurate reading of the law.

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