Dave Grohl struggled with anxiety as pandemic disrupted Foo Fighter’s touring plans – Music News

Dave Grohl couldn’t “relax” after the Covid-19 pandemic forced him off the road and apart from his beloved Foo Fighters bandmates.

The rockers are well known for their busy touring schedule but, when the coronavirus hit, they had to retire their live show for a while, and returned to their respective families.

Speaking to The Sun, Grohl admitted 2020 has been a “really weird” year for the musicians, “because we are the band who actually like each other”.

“It’s true what you hear. A lot of groups, after months on the road, can’t wait to head off in different directions,” he said.

“But we still want to hang out, whether we’re working or not. It’s a miracle after all these years. We’re still really close,” he shared, adding: “we’ve never spent anything like this kind of time apart before.”

Explaining that the band usually had a schedule working months in advance, Grohl continued: “So when everything shut down in March, I was nervous.”

He elaborated: “I can’t relax, I’m always looking for the next thing, I’m a naturally creative person. For the past two decades I have been completely used to seeing the same guys almost every day — and suddenly we’re apart.”

He mused: “If I wasn’t on tour, I was doing something else for the band. So it has kinda freaked me out.”

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