Charli XCX has teased she’s ‘forming a supergroup’ with The 1975 and No Rome – Music News

The ‘forever’ singer, the Matty Healy-fronted group and their Dirty Hit label mates have been teasing fans about their upcoming collaboration for some time, and now Charli has seemingly suggested there could be more music from them.

She tweeted: “v excited to be forming a supergroup with @no_rome and @the1975… (sic)”

Last month, No Rome gave an update on their track, writing on Twitter: “ok some news – me, (the creator of music) charli xcx & the 1975 have a song together. . got the masters done and waiting on video edit cuts . coming out sooner than u think ok thats all for now i love u … just thought i’d share cos im gassed as f*** . life is a little weird rn but Hey Got some Lovin for Music xx (sic)”

And Charli replied: “sounding good boys (sic)”

Back in August 2019, ‘Somebody Else’ hitmaker Matty revealed to fans that he had sent a “beat” to ‘Gone’ singer Charli and shared that it’s a “monster tune”.

He tweeted at the time: “Sent her a beat at like 5pm yesterday and woke up this morning to a HIT.

I’m prolific but she’s on some s***
@charli_xcx (sic)”

And when asked whether his band or himself will feature on the track, Matty said that he didn’t know and added that No Rome and his bandmate George Daniel worked on the song.

He replied: “Not sure yet but me and Rome and George produced.”

Charli also confirmed a collaboration was in the works.

She said: “We sent some ideas back and forth, and I’m such a fan of [Matty] and the band. They just get it, and they don’t get it at the same time, which I think is the best way to make music. And I think he’s such a smart lyricist, it’s just very smart and also fun, and I feel like they really love pop music.

“And I love that, and I’m so inspired by that energy and that uniqueness. So yeah, I don’t know what’s going on. But I really admire their song writing, so hopefully something will come of it.”

At this time, no further information has been revealed about the supergroup, such as their band name.

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