Celestine Donkor recounts how she was made to eat ‘baby’s poo’ as a maidservant (WATCH) [ARTICLE]

The Ghanaian Gospel singer recounted the story when she appeared on the Delay Show. According to the ‘Emu Nsem’ singer, the incident happened once. ” Unbelievable as it stands, it’s something that happened to me,” she said.

Asked what led to that to happen, Celestine Donkor said ” it was a woman I was staying with who had another child staying with her,” she said and clarified that ” it was the poo of her child”.

Detailing how it happened to Delay, host of the show, she said her mistress had food and told her that if she wants to eat some then she would have to eat her daughter’s waste first before she would be given the food.

Hear it all from the Ghanaian Gospel singer in the excerpt of the interview Delay shared on social media which has attracted mixed reactions.

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