Cardi B credits Offset with encouraging her to ‘live a little’ – Music News

Cardi B has shared a sweet thank you note to her rapper husband Offset for whisking her away for Valentine’s Day because the trip reminded her to “slow down and live a little”.

The Migos star surprised his wife and their daughter Kulture with a beach retreat for the holiday weekend, and on Saturday, Cardi showed off the gifts Offset had filled their luxurious suite with, including roses, a huge teddy bear, and heart-shaped balloons.

He also presented the WAP hitmaker with a luxury Patek Philippe watch, which Cardi also shared a photo of on Instagram on Sunday afternoon.

“Thank you baby,” she captioned the image, adding: “you made this weekend so extra special for me. I love you forever.”

Cardi later wrote a gushing note to Offset to express her gratitude for showering her with so much love, crediting him with showing her she needs to relax and enjoy her success every now and then.

“Thank you baby for this amazing trip,” she began.

“You’re right , sometimes I gotta slow down and live a little .I have such a New York mentality I’m always thinking about the work and chasing that money but when you think fast you’re (sic) mind might crash,” she pondered.

“Being a artist comes with more then just music and videos it comes with a business .Thank you for setting me up for the right path for me not to f**k up ever again.I love you @offsetyrn (sic)” Cardi closed.

Offset has been doing his best to keep his wife happy after they briefly separated last yea, when Cardi filed for divorce just weeks before their third wedding anniversary.

However, they soon reconciled and Cardi had her legal papers dismissed from a Georgia court in November.

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