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BTS join Zane Lowe on New Music Daily on Apple Music 1 to discuss their new single “Butter”. They tell Zane about wanting to release “a summer song that can heal and console people”, making music to reflect the times, missing their fans during the pandemic, streaming success, and more.

BTS Tell Apple Music About The ‘Sexy Vibes’ On New Song “Butter”…

RM: Firstly, we never actually expected that we were going to release another single, but the virus is getting longer and longer so we thought we needed another summer song. We thought we needed another summer number, and “Butter” was perfectly fit for that. And now we’re here.

Interpreter: It’s been a while since we actually released a summer song. I think not since “Fire”, almost. We wanted to create a song that’s really upbeat, that’s a really summer song that, as you said, it makes people happy and go out and dance. That’s what we want to do. We wanted to have a summer song that can heal and console people. That’s why we chose this song and that’s why we decided to release this song. This is a really fun song so when we finished recording it, we all listened to it together. Then we were saying to each other, “This is so great. This is such a fun song.” Now, of course, we’ve heard it a lot, maybe too much. Actually, when we hear the song the most is when we’re doing our choreo practice. That’s when we actually hear the song.

RM: It’s going to have some… I don’t know. Maybe some sexy vibes on it and it’s really cool. Yep. In our thoughts, maybe. Not in your standards, but maybe in our standards.

BTS Tell Apple Music About Making Music To Reflect The Times…

RM: We have no choice, actually. Our two biggest bases are… One is maybe making music. Another thing is performing. And now, performing has just collapsed so the only base we still have is making music. In spite of the situation, all we can do is just keep making music. We’ve done kind of like calm and serious vibes like “Life Goes On”, and maybe something with consoling vibes like “Dynamite. “ Now, what we can do is just release a cool summer song and make people dance in their rooms or houses or anywhere to just give them energy and help them survive. I think it helps us, too.

BTS Tell Apple Music About Missing Their Fans During The Pandemic…

Interpreter: There are dual sides to it. It’s the same with your family or with fans. When you’re separate, when you’re away from them physically, you miss them. You want to see them. And then when you’re close to them, as you said, you share things when you share time together. Because of COVID, we’re far away from our fans. That means we long for each other more and we want to see each other more. So we’ve become closer at heart, even though we are physically apart. And then on the flip side with our family, as you said, we’re able to spend more time with them and then we can share more things. We become closer with our friends and family.

BTS Tell Apple Music That They Question Whether They Deserve Their Streaming Success…

Interpreter: When we see these amazing numbers and the records, we are always thankful. Sometimes, it’s hard to believe that it’s reality. Sometimes I question, is it right? Do we deserve all of this love? What’s a bit unfortunate, I think, is because of COVID, it’s hard to actually feel this ourselves and to really experience all this love that the people are giving us. I hope, and we all hope, that the time will come soon when we’ll be able to actually see this love and all of this and really experience it ourselves.

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