Boss Lady! Cookie Tee teaches us how to look stylish in suit sets this 2021 [ARTICLE]

Whether an entrepreneur or manager of a company, you have to dress like a woman who commands respect while leading your team.

Looking fashionable to work might sound stressful because most people do not have the time and patience to select outfits they want to wear each day. They just go for the first corporate outfit they set their eyes on.

Media personality, Shirley Tibilla popularly known as Cookie Tee is serving the boss chic vibe as she styles her power suit in the most creative ways. She definitely knows how to make fashion statements with her look.

She always looks decent and modest in most of her outfits. Her fans applaud her for her simplicity and decency.

Cookie Tee

Cookie Tee

From moderately toned pieces to bright non-boring style, the media personality is certainly and we are all shades of a girl boss here for it.

She shared a photo on her Instagram page where she was black and white combo suit sets.

We love how she went all bright on this fit while looking very well like a boss lady. From the white camisole to the white heels. The matching cap gave the style a whole new level and we loved it.

When wearing suit sets, always keep the rest of your accessories minimal just like Cookie Tee.

Cookie Tee

Cookie Tee

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