Blind single father chains 5 kids with speech and mental disorders at home to beg for alms in the streets [ARTICLE]

A report by Starr News Eastern Regional Correspondent Kojo Ansah highlights the plight of the blind man identified as Fuseini Yusuf and his family.

He has five children between the ages 5 and 13 and they all live at Akyem New Tafo in the Abuakwa North Municipality of the Eastern Region of Ghana.

Before his blindness, Fuseini was reportedly a cobbler but due to his condition, he had no option but to turn a beggar in the streets to fend for himself and the family.

To keep the children away from trouble while he roams the streets to bring food to the table, he chains them every morning.

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“people claim the family has been cursed and being bewitched for a since committed in the family. When I leave the children on the house by the time I come they have been beaten with sticks hence injuries all over their bodies reason why I chain and lock them”.

According to the heart-touching report, Fuseini’s wife abandoned him in 2014 upon the advice of some people in their community following the conditions of her children.

“…My wife…left us after she was advised by some people in the community, so she finally quit the marriage and left me and the five children.

“One of my boys is now mad and is now wandering at the lorry station, but his madness is the mild type that he can easily be cured if little medication and attention is given to him,” the distraught father said in an interview Kojo Ansah.

Fuseini said he is praying for support from the government and philanthropists to enable him and his children to live a meaningful life.

“You can see for yourself; this is the kind of unhygienic and poor shelter my children and I live. Now the only support I need is financial support that will help to be able to attend any eye special clinic to get healed from my blindness since I was told by one eye specialist doctor that my blindness is curable. I am the one who takes care of the children now, I wash their cloth, I bathe them, cook their food, in fact when you see me in the morning I look more like a woman”.

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