‘Big buttocks will kill you’ – Funny Face ‘warns’ Black Sherif

Funny Face, who has had a lot of issues with women with big bums over the years, seems to have gathered enough experience to help Black Sherif escape future troubles in his career.

He gave Black Sherif this advice after a photo of the singer chilling with curvy girls in a swimming pool went viral on the internet.

He said big buttocks will ‘kill’ Black Sherif if he doesn’t stay away, adding that he went through a depression due to big buttocks.

Funny Face posted Black Sherif’s viral photo and accompanied with the caption (unedited): “Yo ma n*gga Man blacko… welcome to fame , pls young king .. am proud of ur hustle and ur achievements.. but let me give u an advice as a senior brother in dis industry for 20 years and still counting in GHANA 🇬🇭 SHOWBIZ ..#DADABOATTVSERIES2001 #CHORKORTROTROTVSERIES2008 #COWandCHICKENTVSERIES2014 #KASOATROTROTVSERIES2019 #OKUMFODUMFOTVSERIES2021

pls stay away from Women Botos .. especially da big curvy ones .. with a little wave on top and da sides .. pls bro . RUn from where u are perching in dis picture .. BOTOS will kill you .. pls take dis from me as a botos analyst for over 20 years in GHANA SHOWBIZ and counting pls take dis advice .. love ur songs Ruff .. Especially ‘my Destiny’ .. hmmm ‘I just Dey rise and fall’ botos took me to Depression bro pls run … .. eigh I have forgotten.. I have not taken my 12:30 medicine…ay3 Ka Largateng aba mu bro pls run from Der TO JEHOVAH ALONE BE ALL THE GLORY.”

Funny Face’s ex-wife, Elizabeth Nana Adjoa Ntim and her fiancé, Eric Adjei, tied the knot in a beautiful traditional wedding ceremony at Laptop, a suburb of Weija in Accra, on Wednesday, July 28.

Reacting to the well-publicised traditional wedding, Funny Face has asked for blessings upon Nana Adjoa’s new chapter, adding that she should keep winning.

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