Biden will meet with transition advisers today

President-elect Joe Biden projected confidence about a transition effort that he said is “well underway” even as outgoing President Trump and his administration attempt to impede it. 

Biden called Trump’s refusal to concede the election that he lost “an embarrassment” that “will not help the President’s legacy.” But he also told reporters Tuesday in Delaware that he believes Republicans will eventually acknowledge his victory. 

The Trump administration’s refusal to initiate the transition process “does not change the dynamic at all in what we’re able to do,” Biden said. 

“We don’t see anything that’s slowing us down, quite frankly,” Biden said. 

The refusal of the General Services Administration, under Trump-appointed administrator Emily W. Murphy, to take the legally necessary step of declaring Biden the President-elect has so far blocked his team from receiving $6.3 million in funds Congress appropriated for transition efforts. It has also prevented Biden’s transition team from accessing federal agencies, and Biden from receiving the president’s daily intelligence briefing. 

Biden said the daily briefings “would be useful, but it’s not necessary,” and said his transition team “can get through without the funding.” 

“We’re just going to proceed the way we have. We’re going to be doing exactly what we’d be doing if he’d conceded and said we won — which we have. So there’s nothing really changing,” Biden said. 

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