Best betting sites in Ghana [ARTICLE]

But, what makes one betting site better than another? What are the variables and aspects players look for when deciding to choose a certain betting site over another? This is what we are going to discuss in this article.

Typically most people would say that it’s the odds that make you choose one betting site over another. However, this is not the case. Although a bookmaker will have better odds for some markets than others, overall, most odds are pretty consistent and just a commodity. So, if not the odds, then what?

We believe the aspects that are important when comparing betting sites are: registration process, deposit and withdrawal options, jackpots on offer, betting products other than sport, and promotions.

Registration process

It should be quick, easy, and seamless to register. The betting sites do have a responsibility and perhaps even a license requirement for KYC information, but should make this as limited as possible and easy to do. Players want to get on board as quickly as possible.

Deposit and Withdrawal options

Once registered, players want to be able to load money into their betting wallets as quickly as possible. Betting sites need to provide as many deposit options a possible to ensure that players can choose the best option for themselves. The same goes for withdrawals. Give the players as many options as possible, and if they want to withdraw, let them do so quickly and easily.


Although players prefer to build their own multi bets, offering them a jackpot to play allows them to try their luck at a more fun way of betting on sports. A jackpot is a number of pre-selected matches, and the player needs to choose which team will win each one. Some betting sites have weekly jackpots like Betpawa, some are a few times per week and some are daily, like Betway.

Other Betting products

Although sports betting and specifically betting on football is the most popular. It is useful and attractive to punters to offer them other betting products. These can include virtual betting products, lottery games, and of course casino games.

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