Armed robber and female victim at the same hospital at Obuasi after she bit off his penis [ARTICLE]

The bloody but dramatic incident occurred at Abompey New Site in the Obuasi Municipality of the Ashanti Region.

According to, Justina Donkor, a 24-year-old student, reported to the Police that Emmanuel Ankron, 23, had drugged and forcibly had sex with her in her room.

She claimed to have woken up from the drug-induced sleep only to find her attacker holding a machete and pointing a locally manufactured pistol at her.

The news portal further reported Justina Donkor as having alleged that Ankron had robbed her of an amount of ¢550, her TV set and mobile phone.

Instead of leaving the room with his booty as robbers are noted for, the victim, in her statement to the police said that Emmanuel Ankron asked her to play with his penis.

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She hesitantly obliged but decided in the process to bite off his penis, and she did just that. Then he also bit her at the back before rushing out with the bloodily severed penis.

“The suspect, with blood oozing from the wound, ran away leaving the TV set and her mobile phone behind,” she said in a statement to the police.

The police have reportedly taken custody of the cut off penis from the crime scene and deposited it at the hospital for preservation.

Alleged robber Emmanuel Ankron and his victim Justina Donkor are both receiving treatment at the AGA Hospital, while police investigations are underway into the incident.

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