Antoa can’t travel to USA; social media divided on Kumerican cursing Twene Jonas | Latest Ghanaian Entertainment News & Updates

He continued that ” Ghana everyone is a thief, they don’t speak the truth, including the Asnatehene. He couldn’t speak the truth but if you watch, he has been listening to me now,” hence, he has to speak the truth now.

The video above of Jonas’ comment has since gone viral, therefore, attracting the curse from the gentleman who cracked eggs and poured libation over it to invoke ‘antoa’ to go after Twene Jonas.

However, social media has been divided over the curse, saying that the ‘antoa’ won’t get to him because ‘antoa’ can’t travel outside Ghana.

A twitter user, @sinned_ said “antoa no dey reach America o” and another @opresii added that “someone says if Antoa could even travel to the US to work on Twene Jonas Eno go Come back to Ghana”.

See more reactions in the tweets below.

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