Angry student assaults lecturer, tears his dress for not allowing her to write exam [ARTICLE]

The dramatic incident, according to reports, took place in a popular Auchi Polytechnic in Nigeria’s Edo state.

According to the reports, the lecturer had given the student a malpractice form to fill after he allegedly caught her with incriminating materials during the exam, which implies she would have to retake the exam or face the school’s exam malpractice panel.

The student waited patiently, suppressing her anger until exams were over before she attacked the helpless lecturer who was seen carrying a heap of answer scripts.

Efforts by her colleagues to bring the situation under control were insufficient as she is seen in a video dragging the lecturer about and ended up tearing his dress.

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In other news, a young man has now understood why his mother was a disciplinarian and always beat him up for poor performance at school.

He has chanced upon his mother’s examination results back in 1985, and from her scores, she was a brilliant student.

The young man identified as @fawwaz_ibrah on Twitter, shared a photo of the exam results on the platform, saying it is now clear to him why his mom was always so strict with him during his childhood.

In the photo, @fawwaz_ibrah’s mother scored 87 in the English language, 91 in chemistry, 82 in biology, 85 in government among other scores but her class teacher and principal remarked that she could do better if not for playfulness.

“Look wah I found, my mum’s secondary school result no wonder that woman almost finished me with beating,” @fawwaz_ibrah captioned the photo of his mother’s exam results.

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