Aisha Modi drops throwback photo with Obrafour, says she paid for his shopping (PHOTO) [ARTICLE]

She did this with a rare photo she took with the “Kasiebo” hitmaker during shopping at Bayshore Shopping Centre in Ottawa, Canada, eleven years ago.

Her throwback photo follows a lawsuit filed by Obrafour against her and Delay over some defamatory statements she made on ‘The Delay Show’ a few weeks ago.

In the said interview, Aisha Modi claimed that she single-handedly invested an amount of $45,000 into Obrafour’s famous “Kasiebo” album which he dropped a decade ago but got nothing in return.

“I produced Obrafour’s ‘Kasiebo’” she said. “I invested close to $45k, but I didn’t even get GHS1 from the song. I did this investment at a time when I didn’t even have a plot of land or a house.”

Aisha Modi and Obrafour

Aisha Modi and Obrafour

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Now, Obrafour is taking her up and he is demanding damages of GHC800,000 in a lawsuit and demands apologies and retraction of such statements.

Yesterday, Aisha responded to the writ issued by Obrafour’s counsel by saying the amount they are demanding is too small and that they should increase it. She also claimed she can spend up to USD1 million just to expose the evil in the rapper.

And on Friday, November 6, she fired another shot at Obrafour by sharing an old photo they took during shopping and stated that she paid for that shopping.

She branded Obrafour as a wicked soul and ungrateful, adding that ‘these ungrateful people are the reason why the industry bleeds.’

“These ungrateful people are the reason why the industry bleeds no investor want to invest in this industry anymore . 11 years ago with @iamobrafour at Bayshore Mall and pls everything was paid by me at his mall. Wicked souls. This matter go chop hot,” she captioned the photo on her Instagram page.

Obrafour is yet to respond to her claims.

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