Afia Schwarzenegger drags Christian Council, feminists over Cecelia Marfo-Joyce Blessing saga [ARTICLE]

Last Friday, Joyce Blessing witnessed an embarrassing moment she would never forget during her performance at a Thanksgiving Service in Kumasi.

Joyce Blessing was suddenly interrupted by Cecelia Marfo during her performance. She snatched her microphone and started prophesying that God said Joyce Blessing should go back to her marriage.

While a few influential figures have condemned the act, most known Ghanaian feminists and the Christian Council of Ghana have been quiet about the issue.

This, according to Afia Schwarzenegger, is a clear case of ‘hypocrisy’ and further describing the work of Ghanaian feminists as ‘choose-and-pick activism’.

She made her views known in a live video which she shared on her Instagram page today.

“In this country, we have so-called women empowerment people,” she said. “When someone insults you and you insult back, you will see a failed woman and nonentity who will sit on radio parading herself as a feminist. Were feminists not in this country when Cecelia Marfo snatched Joyce Blessings’ microphone on stage just to embarrass her? Where are those feminists in this country?”

Joyce Blessing and husband, and Cecelia Marfo

Joyce Blessing and husband, and Cecelia Marfo

“Where will we take marriage to? Which portion of the Bible says people will be judged based on their marital status on judgement day? A lot of people will not see heaven because of marriage.”

“Those women empowerment people who sat on radio to defend Mzbel when Tracey Boakye rained insults on her, were you not in this country when Mzbel confessed to taking her fellow woman to traditionalists? Where the f**k is this women empowerment. Choose and pick activism is the reason why you are not progressing.”

She said if Obinim had done the same, the Christian Council wouldn’t hesitate to comment.

“What has Christian Council of Ghana said about this incident? What Cecelia Marfo did isn’t of the holy ghost. Holy ghost is disciplined and doesn’t disgrace. What has the Christian Council said about it? If it were Obinim who acted that way, they would have said come out to speak,” she claimed.

“Suddenly, we don’t have feminists talking about these things. You were all quiet when Abrokwa stripped me naked and filmed me. You know who to fight for and who not to fight for…You don’t like me and I don’t want to like you also because you are hypocrites,” she added.

Watch the full video below.

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