Adebayor calls Namibian girlfriend narcissist, manipulative, bully and a cheat [ARTICLE]

The two went their separate ways in early November this year. Adebayor broke the news on Instagram but refused to give details.

Now, he is spilling all the tea on his Instagram story.

Last night, he dropped a bombshell on why he broke up with his girlfriend, citing cheating, narcissism, manipulation and bully as the reason.

He revealed that they once went on a weekend holiday and his girlfriend introduced him to a man she claimed to be her ‘rich uncle’, only to find out that her uncle was her sugar daddy.

“Imagine you go to Swakopmund (beach) with your partner to stay the weekend,” he wrote on his story. “Your partner then introduces you to a man over there and says this is my ‘Rich’ uncle…a few months later, you are told that the man is actually not her uncle.”

He then accused her of cheating, saying: “Your girlfriend tells you: ‘Babe, I am going for a weekend trip with my best friend in Swakopmund, Namibia.’ A few days later, she’s completely unreachable. Then you end up finding out that your girlfriend is in Luanda, Angola and says she doesn’t know how she got there…see enjoyment. The first time you talk to her what would you say?”

He referred his fans to a statement he made in the past regarding his choice of partner: “There are reasons for everything. Remember when I said, I don’t want to marry a ‘comedien/comedienne?’ (French: male/female). You wanna know the reason?”

He then described her as narcissist, bipolar and bully, and warned her to keep his name out of her mouth.

“A narcissist person will do exactly as I described. Money was sent for your family and you made sure they get it, which is completely fine. But the narcissist in you made sure to keep it all and lie about it. I guess you are talking about yourself.”

“Bipolar and personality disorder describes it. Actually, correct because I mean you sleep in one country, wake up in another and you don’t even know how.”

“And c’mon, how can I be jealous, obsessed and envious of someone I was helping grow in life? Meanwhile I was being manipulated and lied to. All that and you just describing yourself. Look in the mirror.”

“I wish you love, peace and above all healing. Nonetheless, you are a bully but you found your match. Keep me out of your mother and life and we will be good. Ps. Evidence is available. #DillishDribbledAdebayor,” he added.

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