6 trending iconic Kente dresses plus-size brides are walking the aisle with | Latest Ghanaian Relationship Advice & Dating Tips

Your wedding outfits are a big deal on your day. As a bride, there’s always a wedding dress out there that is suitable for you doesn’t matter your body shape.

A lot of things go into planning a wedding and one important thing that cannot be ignored is what the bride wears on the day.

Creativity runs in every woman’s vein and we always have to appear stunning.

Everybody including the groom can’t wait to see the apparel his wife-to-be would wear for their holy matrimony.

Kente outfits have come to stay. It symbolizes our rich culture and traditions and plays a great part in the holy matrimony.

Over the years, brides and even grooms wear the Kente fabric for their traditional weddings. While brides sew them in either wrapped outfits or Kaba and slits or even long dresses.

Gone were the days when curvy women complain that they can’t get tailored or customized dresses by local designers to buy. The Ghanaian fashion industry has evolved and fashion designers including the emerging ones are working effortlessly to win over their target market.

Thanks to social media and the advancement of technology, fashion designers can share their photos and videos of their new collections for the world to see and patronize.

Ladies, you don’t have any excuse. Step up your fashion game and turn heads with your looks on your big day. Here are some Kente outfit inspirations for plus size ladies on your wedding day.

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