54.1% of boys in JHS/SHS use drugs, 34.3% of girls smoke shisha – Survey [ARTICLE]

This is according to a survey by the Consultative Committee to Combat Drug Menace in Schools.

Conducted in 176 schools across the country, the survey was geared towards ascertaining the source and cause of an increase in drug use in various Senior High and Junior High Schools.

Overall, about 10 psychiatrists, 138 heads of schools, and 72 guidance and counselling units in various schools were engaged for the survey.

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Smoking shisha

Smoking shisha

It established that 59.9% of boys tend to use cigarettes more in schools, while 36.4% of first and second-cycle students in the country experiment with two or more different (drug) substances.

The survey revealed that “about 88.6% of students that were sampled undergo stress in various schools and drugs are the major influences of the stress.”

The Consultative Committee to Combat Drug Menace in Schools was specifically established by President Nana Akufo-Addo.

The Committee has since submitted its findings to the President, through the Minister-designate for Interior, Ambrose Dery.

Further findings from the survey revealed that 36% of boys and 32.1% of girls use alcohol in schools.

Meanwhile, 34.3% of girls in the various Junior High and Senior High Schools were also found to use shisha.

The survey also disclosed that 72.7% of girls use pain relievers in schools.

“They [students] don’t eat well and that is really causing stress in them, thereby making them engage in substance abuse,” Chairman of the Committee, Bright Appiah said, as quoted by Myjoyonline.

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