5 signs your partner is wasting your time [ARTICLE]

Unrequited love not only hurts, but it also makes people lose interest in other romantic relationships.

However, there are times, when you think you are having a swell time in love but it ends up that the love of your life is just wasting your precious time.

If your partner

If every time you ask the relationship to be defined, they keep bringing up different excuses, then something is wrong. It should never be a difficult thing to define a relationship with interest on both sides.

If they say that they are not ready for a serious relationship, they basically mean that they want something serious but not just with you.

That particular person you love but keeps playing on you; keeps going on and off, ghosting on you, is probably wasting your time. They can actually ask you out on a date after all the flirting that we talked about in the first point, but then go silent on you after hanging out, no calls, chats or texts.

This applies when during your date, you had lots of fun about talked about a whole lot of things. He is not serious, he just wants the short time fun and will definitely hit you up with a generic text much later looking to butter you up for a future rendezvous. Run.

They always have something going on that makes them too busy to relate with you, however, you never know what it is. They are hideous and hide everything, just from you. Nothing about their friends, nothing for you to hold on to, they are not open. It is a time-wasting relationship, flee.

  • You always initiate conversations

It is always you initiating the conversations, they are always passive when it comes to messaging you, it seems they have a lot to say but not to you. They probably like you, maybe just not as much as you would imagine.

Regardless of how much you like a person, let them miss you at times. Give space when the time comes, avoid unnecessary conversations unless they bring it up.

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