3rd airports disinfection kicks-off in Kumasi [ARTICLE]

The exercise was a collaboration between the government and waste management expert, Zoomlion Ghana Limited. And it was carried out in the evening (from 9:00 p.m.,-10:00 p.m.,) at which time the last domestic flight had disembarked at the airport.

The exercise formed part of the government’s commitment to curb the spread of the coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic in the country.

Facilities disinfected included the departure hall, arrival hall and VIP lounge. The rest were the tarmac, restrooms, Airport Police Post and all open spaces of the airport.

The Ashanti Regional Vector Control Unit Officer, ZGL, Mr Ernest Nutor, speaking to the media, said the exercise was very crucial in the nation’s continuous battle against the virus.

“…and more especially as domestic flights have resumed, it was important that we undertake regular disinfection of the various airports in the country to keep them safe for passengers,” he noted.

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He further indicated that in addition to the regular disinfection by his outfit, the airport authorities also carried out dusting on daily basis to make the place safe for users.

He said the exercise will be replicated at the Kotoka International Airport (KIA), Tamale Airport and Takoradi Airport in the coming days.

While pointing out that the national disinfection exercises against the virus had helped, Mr Nutor reminded Ghanaians on the need to complement the government’s efforts by continuously abiding by the Covid protocols.

“Anytime we decide to move out of our homes, we should remember to wear our nose masks and also carry our alcohol-based hand sanitisers to use in sanitising our hands against the Covid,” he advised.

According to him, the virus was still in the country, hence cautioned Ghanaians against losing their guard.

Zoomlion deployed a mechanical sweeper and a disinfection crew to undertake the operation.

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