2-year-old girl feeds great-grandfather with unimaginable passion after he suffered a stroke [ARTICLE]

What makes the video interesting is the passion and perfection with which the youngster is seen in the video caring for the feeble-looking old man.

The awe-inspiring video was posted on Instagram by Mediagist and many people have been reacting to it.

The old man is said to have been paralysed on one side of the body.

Awwwwwww!!! Two-year-old girl vows to stay beside her great-grandfather and help him after he suffered a stroke that left him paralysed on one side of the body,” the video was captioned.

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In other news, Pulse.com.gh reported earlier of a woman who got hospitalised after having an orgasm during oral sex which filled her brain with blood.

According to nypost, a woman suffered a stroke from an orgasm which caused her brain to bleed during anal sex.

A 44-year-old woman sent her lover into a panic after she lost consciousness for about 3 minutes during anal sex. Upon reaching the hospital, she was diagnosed to have suffered from a burst aneurysm which caused a stroke.

Ct scan also revealed a “trace of acute subarachnoid blood” — a type of stroke that causes bleeding in the space around the brain.

A rigorous activity can cause aneurysms to burst. Known risk causes for rupture include activities that involve sudden increases in blood pressure and sexual activity is described as a precipitant.

During sexual activity, blood pressure, as well as heart rate, rises during orgasm.

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