19-year-old man becomes one of Ghana’s youngest Chartered Accountants | Latest News Updates & Newspaper Headlines

He attained this feat when he was also a level 300 Finance and Economics student of UG.

He currently has a Chartered investment foundation certificate from CFA global and is a member or student of Chartered Institute of Bankers Ghana since 2018.

He understands CFDs (Contract for difference) and also became a successful entrepreneur at age 17.

Asuama Yeboah Atoapoma has a diverse entrepreneurial investment portfolio notably includes owning a fast-food joint in the University of Ghana, member of End The Poverty Now movement, farming, OTA financial service and others.

In 2019, Solomon Etornam Asuhene, a level 300 student at the University of Ghana Business School became Ghana’s youngest Chartered Accountant at age 19.

He was offering BSc. Administration in the University of Ghana when he joined ICAG, the body recognized for overseeing Professional Accountancy in Ghana, as a student in 2017 when he was in level 100.

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